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Engage Your Business with Success

Carlos Campos

I am excited to use my experiences and years of strategic planning and development to help companies expand and grow their client base and/or their global influence. I am committed to continued education in business development, strategic planning, consulting, people skills and technology. This will insure that we are doing the latest strategies and using the most innovative up to date tools. I truly consider all of our relationships to be Client/Partner Relationships with all of our Clients.


Core Development Skills and Competencies

People/Communications Skills :

  • Prospecting / closing mastery
  • Building loyal client base
  • How to build, motivate and maintain a strong loyal team
  • Working with diff. personalities
  • Importance of Routines and Personal growth and develop.
  • Personnel Management Training
  • Secrets to positioning, marketing
  • Tools, techniques and strategies


Marketing/Technical Skills 

  • Powerful phone skills
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Business organization, processes and systems.
  • Create/deliver million dollar 
  • Present/close with results 
  • Using technology to leverage time and duplication!

Managements/Leadership Skills

  •  Team builds endless referrals!
  • Supervisory Training
  • Lead generation/follow up
  • How to sell Product or services
  • Results in less time
  • Business Management Training
  • Core Report Methods
  • Gems Mastery Course



  • C.O.O Paula Parmeter of The Inventioneering Company “The DNA of Innovation” (2002-2006)
    Systems, Processes, Lean Business and Innovative Thinking
  • Glenna Disle Marketing and Development (2010)
    Training in marketing and building relationships
  • Evolv Leadership Development (2011)
    Leadership and organizational skills to grow successful teams
  • Dani Johson (2011-Present)
    First Steps to Success, Dynasty (Advance Training), Gems Mastery, War on Debt, Job Domination, Unlimited Success, Grooming Next Generation, Prospecting and Closing
  • Evan Money/Brian Miller (2012-Present)
    Multiple Training Seminars on Leadership 2012